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Katie's Team

“Katie’s Team” is the KT Network patient and public advisory group. It consists of mums and local members of the public who have a connection to our research areas of childbirth, pregnancy and reproductive issues.

The women’s health research patient and public advisory group for East London.

Katie's Team QMUL Award image

What do we do?

We meet face to face 3 times a year to comment on specific research questions, to advise on the direction of the research, and to learn more about how research in women’s health is conducted. For example, Katie’s Team members have advised on how to reach women who had diabetes in pregnancy for follow-up studies; or given their opinion on what the relevant outcomes were for pregnant women who were anaemic; or commented on learning materials that are used to spread the word about research.


Why do it?

The purpose of the group is to ensure that women’s health research is done effectively and remains relevant to the needs of

local mothers. That’s because women who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth issues have unique insight that is valuable to the researchers. “Katie’s Team” members also act as champions for research within their own communities.

Who can join?

Anyone with a personal experience of childbirth, pregnancy or reproductive issues, and their partners or family members. We particularly welcome members from East London.  If you live outside of London, you are welcome to join our mailing list – we also send out electronic newsletters every few months with updates and involvement opportunities.

Get in touch on, and we can send you a role description and further information.

Upcoming Events

Details to follow by e-mail once the new meeting dates are out

When: TBC

Time: TBC

Where: TBC

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