Trial Coordinators

Zoe Drymoussi

Senior Trials Coordinator (EMmY & OMAhA)

James Heighway

TILT Trial Coordinator

Zoe coordinates the diabetes clinical studies within BARC, which include the EMmY (preventing gestational diabetes with myo-inositol nutritional supplement) and OMAhA (preventing type 2 diabetes with metformin) studies.


She previously coordinated the PrePro trial (Preventing preterm birth with probiotics) within the Women’s Health Research Unit. Her background is as a bench scientist, having worked within oncology, bioengineering, and wound healing. She completed her PhD in cutaneous biology at the Blizard Institute (QMUL) in 2015.

In 2014, James worked for a year and a half as a laboratory and clerical assistant at the Antenatal Screening Department based in Charterhouse square campus. 

He joined the Centre for Women’s Health in early 2016 as a Data Assistant on the SALVO clinical trial.


He further developed understanding and knowledge in clinical research in his role as BARC Data assistant in the Centre for Women’s Health in early 2018. Here he was involved in assessing the quality and

completeness of data collected in the BARC clinical trials studies.

In October 2019 James became Trial Coordinator of the TILT Trial. This full-scale study aims to assess the effectiveness and safety of Time Lapse Imaging for the incubation and selection of higher quality embryos in IVF treatment.

Sharandeep Bhogal

Trials Coordinator (ACROBAT & CRESCENDO)

Sharan joined the Centre for Women’s Health in October 2019 and is responsible for the coordination of the ACROBAT (Administering CRyoprecipitate in Obstetric Bleeding at an earlier Time) and CRESCENDO (Creating a Clinical Prediction Model to Predict Surgical Success in Endometriosis) studies.


Sharan has worked in research for over 10 years within the NHS and academic environments, her experience includes working in clinical trials including CTIMPs and non-CTIMPs.  She has a range of experience which encompasses a wide range of disease areas including mental health, haematology, haemophilia, oncology and women’s health.