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Senior Managers

Deepali Patel
Senior Trials Manager

I have over ten years’ experience in coordinating, setting up and running clinical trials in Dementia, Infectious disease, Intensive Care & Cancer Research and have worked on a wide range of observational studies, drug trials 
(CTIMPS), commercial trials as well as COVID-19 research trials.

I have a strong understanding of research processes and significant experience in trial set up and delivery as well providing trial oversight & quality assurance support. I joined the Women’s Health Research Unit in April 2022.

I am currently responsible for setting up birth cohort study - the BABI (Born & Bred in) East London study as well as providing trial management oversight for the  trials portfolio within the unit.

I have had an opportunity to be involved in and setting up & leading on Patient Public Involvement Groups and have a special interest in increasing inclusion and diversity of underserved communities in research & clinical trials. 

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